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Car shopping? MyGreenCar helps pick the best car for you.

MyGreenCar gives you a virtual test drive to take the uncertainty out of choosing the greenest car for your unique driving.

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Install the app and choose the cars you have your eyes on. You can choose from our database of almost 5,000 car models. As you drive around in your current car, the MyGreenCar app works behind the scenes to measure how you're driving, the traffic you get stuck in, the hills you go up and down, and more.

MyGreenCar Calculates

With the data from each of your trips, our servers do the heavy lifting. Our mathematical models predict how each car you picked compares for your unique driving. Our models predict your fuel costs, fuel economy, battery states-of-charge, and more, to take the uncertainty out of choosing the car that's right for you.

Compare your cars for your driving

View your results in-app or on your MyGreenCar profile site. See how all your cars compare to see which car is right for you. MyGreenCar provides easy summaries for all your chosen cars across all your driving, or by each trip individually. Compare the miles remaining between electric vehicles over time. Review individual trips, and see how each of your selected cars fare in different conditions. Add and remove cars at any time, and take advantage of everything MyGreenCar has to offer.

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