Data Driven Fleet Procurement.
Made Easy.

Put your data to work to make the right procurement decisions. Virtually compare cars in your fleet's own duty cycles. Track and manage your fleet.

What is MyFleetBuy?

Data-driven solutions to track your fleet and derisk vehicle purchasing

Procurement Confidence - Derisking Car Purchases

Virtually compare any car for your fleet. Procure with confidence. Forecast costs, fueling, and ROI.

Affordable Fleet Tracking & Management

No OBD or expensive hardware required. Live and historical tracking. Manage, coordinate, and dispatch your fleet.

EV Logistics & Planning

Range confidence, assess charging needs, compare costs of charging vs. fueling. Create deployment plans to minimize costs.

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Procurement Confidence - Derisking Car Purchases


Virtually compare any car for your fleet

Select from our database of vehicle physics models – we have virtually every car on the market! From conventionals, to hybrids, to EVs, to SUVs and pickups... your fleet's next cars are here!

Compare your future fleet vehicles against your current cars, all customized to your fleet’s own duty cycles!

Procure with confidence - forecast costs, fueling and ROI

Take the risk and uncertainty out of vehicle purchasing. Predict your fleet's costs, fueling needs, and return-on-investment for any vehicle - all customized to your fleet’s own operating profiles.

Navigate the trade-off between upfront costs and long-term fuel and cost savings to procure your next vehicles with confidence.

Deployment plans to minimize costs

Ready to move forward with your next vehicle purchase? Considering fuel efficient options, like light-weighted pickups, hybrids, or EVs?

Maximize your fuel and cost savings by planning which routes to deploy your new vehicles on.

Cross platform support

Procure with confidence, regardless of whether or not your fleet already has telematics systems.

Already have a telematics provider? Use MyFleetBuy with your existing systems.

Need a fleet tracking solution? Combine MyFleetBuy with FleetTrac to get powerful fleet tracking and procurement analytics at an affordable cost.


EV Logistics and Planning

Electric Vehicles (EVs) present an opportunity to substantially lower the fueling, operating, and maintenance costs of your fleet - but they come with unique challenges.

Unlock the cost savings of EVs for your fleet while minimizing the risks and logistical challenges of range, charging, and more.


Range confidence

Worried that EVs won't have the range needed for your fleet's needs? Not sure how their longer recharge time will affect your operations? Worried that a vehicle will be stuck out of service if a driver forgets to plug in?

Eliminate range anxiety and procure EVs with confidence. Forecast the range and battery usage of any EV in your fleet’s own duty cycles.

Assess changing needs

Thinking of buying EVs but not sure how and where to charge? Wondering if you need to install new charging stations? How many? What kind? At which of your fleet's facility locations?

Assess your fleet's charging needs so you can procure EVs and charging stations with confidence.

Compare costs of charging vs. fueling

Electricity costs can be convoluted and confusing. With tiered electricity pricing, time of use rates, demand charges, and potential interactions with rooftop solar or public charging, understanding the operating costs and payback time of EVs is complicated.

Using your fleet's own data and MyFleetBuy-EV’s sophisticated analytics, easily compare the EV charging costs for your fleet.

Deployment plans to minimize risk and costs

Ready to move forward with buying EVs for your fleet? Get the most value out of your new vehicles.

Maximize your cost savings with EVs by planning which of your fleet's routes and duty cycles are the best fit for your new EVs, while navigating the range and charging constraints.

Fleet Trac

Affordable Fleet Tracking and Management

Fleet Management

No expensive hardware required

Manage and track your fleet without expensive hardware. With FleetTrac, there's no need for cumbersome OBD data loggers. Choose from our phone-based or low-cost hardware solutions to unlock affordable tracking and management solutions for your fleet.

Live and historical tracking

Never lose track of your vehicles with live and historical tracking of your fleet. Find vehicles in the field, measure occupancy, investigate any incidents, and ensure your fleet is being used to its full potential.

Manage, coordinate and dispatch your fleet

Manage drivers, routes, and groups of vehicles to coordinate your fleet in real time. Set customized alerts, communicate with your drivers, and coordinate your fleet operations all from a single platform.